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  1. Version v0.1


    So powerful, it cannot have a single owner. Weapon stats: -Deals 200 damage. -Very very very durable. -Expensive. -Emits light. -Can chop trees and mine boulders. -True lategame pure fun sword. Craft Recipe: -Guardian's Horn x1 -Blue Gem x5 -Red Gem x5 -Purple Gem x3 -Thulecite x5 >Steam Workshop Link<
  2. Version v0.2


    Legendary sword forged by Burnt Gods. In your hands it's warm, but for your enemies it's violently hot. Weapon stats: -Deals 80 damage. -Drains 3 player's sanity per attack. -Ignites enemies on attack. -Really big durablity. -Expensive. -Emits light. -Can ignite things. -Warms user. Craft Recipe: -Dark Sword x1 -Red Gem x3 -Marble x3 -Nitre x3 Changelog: -Fixed fatal bug. -Fixed EVERYTHING (modding being drunk is bad idea). To-Do List: -Make better texture (I'm bad artist)
  3. >shy photomodel Sounds really strange o___O
  4. Version 0.4


    Lich King's legendary weapon. Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit. Weapon stats: -Deals 80 damage. -Drains 3 player's sanity per attack. -Freezes enemies on attack. -Really big durablity. -Expensive. -Emits light. -Can chop trees (it would be funny if so powerful weapon couldn't, eh?). -Using this weapon for long time will turn player to Lich King (uhuhuhuh). Craft Recipe: -Dark Sword x1 -Blue Gem x3 -Living Log x1 -Nightmare Fuel x5 To-Do List: -Freezing enemies on attack. -Fix dropped sword texture. -Make able to shoot Death Coil. >Steam Workshop link< by JaR Dev, I like it!
  5. Version 04/09/14 update


    Adds Wilsdow, Webber's cousin! RoG compatible! !!!Warning: May work incorrectly without RoG!!! Wilsdow looks like a humanoid wearing spider costume, though she's actually a mutant/cursed/somewhat spider. Spiders are neutral to her, but some mobs hostile towards spiders will also be hostile towards Wilsdow. Wilsdow stats: - Hunger: 200 - Health: 100 - Sanity: 70 Pros: + Night vision! + Restores sanity in darkness! + Insatiable Hunger ability! + Spiders don't attack her unless provoked! + Can tame spiders. + Can craft silk with monsters' meat! + Web won't make you move slower. Cons: - Low health. - Very low sanity. - Can eat meat food only. - Friendly creatures (Pigs, Catcoons, etc) will attack her. However, Pig King is still neutral. - Fire damages her 2 times stronger. - Freezing fastly. Insaitable Hunger special ability! Black Widow health is quite low, but her attacks are deadly and she will devour her preys! When Wilsdow kills any creature, she will recieve 15% (may be changed latter) of their max health as hunger and health! Also her damage multiplier depends on her hunger: 200-166 - x1.5 166-133 - x1.75 133-100 - x2 100-75 - x2.5 75-33 - x3 33-0 - x4(!) My Little Brood! To tame spiders, just feed them with any kind of meat. Spiders' pros: + Will help you until their death. + You can tame lots of them. Spiders' cons: - Spiders are weak. Powerful creatures can kill them in one hit and their attacks deals 20 damage only. - Will try to eat any meat lying on the ground. Hog your loot rapidly! Tips: - Good for caves explorations due to night vision and friendship with spiders! - Living near spiders' nest is helpful, spiders may help you sometimes! - Wearing Spider Hat will make spiders tammed, but when you unequip it spiders will get angry and attack you. - Don't forget about farming! Plants are useless for you, but can be used as bait in hunt! Incompatibles: - Any mod changing: */prefabs/spider.lua */prefabs/spiderqueen.lua */prefabs/butterflywings.lua */brains/spiderbrain.lua - May conflict with "Pets mod". Other changes: - Spiders won't try to destroy walls. - Butterfly wings is "meat" type now. Bugs: - Spiders keeps tamed REALLY long. Cool, but too OP. Will be fixed soon. - May work incorrectly without RoG. Please, report crashes in commentaries. Planned features: - More balance. - Add way to get silk without killing your friends (Wilsdow is girl, so Webber's beard is not suitable). COMPLETED - New responses. SOME ADDED, IN PROGRESS - Summoning spiders from spiders' nest when attacked. It was realised in earlier versions, but caused infinitie spiders spawning while fighting with spiders near nest. - Cocooning preys alive to save food for long perionds of time. - Way to get Spider Hat (or some alternative item) without killing your friends. >Steam Workshop link<