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Three kitty character pack! RoG compatible! Adorable custom sounds!

WISP: the Stray -

Health - 100

Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)

Sanity - 150 (drains slow at night)

She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She's also not too picky about the food she eats and can eat monster meat no prob.

WYNTER: the Longhair -

Health - 250

Hunger - 300

Sanity - 100

Slooow, but strong. Has a super thick coat of hair to keep her extra warm (with three sprites for each level of growth after shaven)

WEI: the Housecat -

Health - 75

Hunger - 150

Sanity - 25

Has 'nightvision', so he's never REALLY in the dark, but is neurotic and paranoid, so he has pitiful sanity, anyway, but comes a little prepared for trouble. Weak but very fast. Can't stand stale food!


- They all have a shavable coat of fur that grows back over time. Winter has loads of fur, Wisp has a good amount, Wei has basically nothing. Winter starts out with a full coat, Wisp and Wei still need to grow theirs out on new game start.

- As cats, they're all supercarnivores, which means they eat almost solely meat. They'll eat cooked meals with meats and non-meats in them, but won't eat just berries or corn or things of the like, so get hunting!

-Each have their own unique sounds and dialogue! Note: there are a couple of lines of dialogue that aren't meows (like when you click on a gravestone) because they simply weren't in the standard speech file and I need to go hunt for them to change them :U


-Future plans will likely add a handful of craft-able items, most of which are to be determined.

-If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on balancing or other additions, feel free to voice them! Irrelevant of whether or not I add any suggestions, I'll still take them into consideration and they may affect changes I add later

-I've been told that eating monster meat without penalty simply doesn't work in the base game, only with RoG, but you can still eat stale food without problem with Wisp.

-Sounds courtesy of www.freesound.org

-Super duper thanks to everyone that helped me find stupid errors and code that I didn't know. <3

What's New in Version 4.1   See changelog


  • V.4.1
  • Updated for Shipwrecked
  • v2.0
  • -Minor Tweaks to Wisp's skills
  • -Added Wynter and Wei 
  • V1.4
  • Due to requests and for the ease of newer players:
  • - lowered hunger rate, she still needs to eat the same amount, just not as often.
  • - made stale food have no drawbacks, no health or nutritional minuses anymore!
  • - increased speed a smidge. Just a smidge.
  • - Small increase in max sanity.
  • V1.3 Altered hair to grow loads and be shaven in five days.
  • V1.2 Fixed missing line in prefab file, causing non-RoG games to crash. Also updated .tex files to ARGB and edited a couple missed speech lines
  • V1.0 Initial version.

cats 4.1.rar

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Wisp still seems a little unbalanced. I've only played her a few times, and I died within the first few days from starvation or lack of resources. I end up spending almost all of my time hunting for rabbits or spiders, and if I don't find them within a day, and spend the entire next day trapping and killing, I'll die of starvation. Also fairly difficult to get monster meat in the beginning (As it is for most characters) but the overwhelming amount of time you have to spend hunting for meat detracts from gathering resources even to get a log armor set to stay alive while gathering monster meat. Hunger drain rate seems a little imbalanced.

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I have some ideas: 

1- Making Wynter able to cut her hair.

2-Maybe some craftable catnip (Restore some sanity?)

3- They could lose some hair inbetween seasons like real cats :3

Anyways, maybe my ideas have alreay been told, or they are difficult to make into the game. Thanks for reading <3

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Hey, maybe eating ONLY meat is kinda bad cause, cats eat bugs,right? So, maybe making them be able to eat butterflies and and mosquitoes could be more balanced. 

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Hello! I was testing this Mod and I really liked it, I love cats! It is super adorable and very complete. I have uploaded a gameplay in Spanish in case someone wants to see how it is :wilson_love: Thanks for making such a great Mod! :love_heart:

¡Hola! Estuve probando este Mod y me gustó mucho ¡Me encantan los gatos! Es super adorable y muy completo. He subido un gameplay en Español por si alguien quiere ver cómo es :wilson_love: ¡Gracias por hacer un Mod tan genial! :love_heart:


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