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*version 0.1

max health: 200

max sanity: 200

max huger: 150

he's fast , strong and he can grow a malefficen bread like wilson :wilson_laugh:

and i thank you very much to my friend kylemery for helping me to make this character

*UPDATE version 0.2 :

- New skin

- have a night sword

What's New in Version Alex ver 0.2   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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So I used your character as a template to start making my own character.  I am currently unable to make sprites for this :S On a mac and its just too difficult.  I was wondering if I could possibly use this for now and upload the mod?  Everything has been changed aside from what he looks like, the character selection etc.  And if you know anyone who can make the images for me that would be great! Thanks in advance

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