Craftable Uncraftables [v.0.1.7] & [v.0.1.9]

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This mod adds 135 new craftables to the game. It's updated upon most suggestions, so virtually everything you ask for WILL be added.

Latest Stable Update - v.0.1.9

Latest Testing Branch - Not running a test at this time.

Testing Branch Stability - Not running a test at this time.

NOTE - This update is likely to break. Please report all bugs, and crashes, and give me a screenshot of the crash message. Thanks.

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Craftable Uncraftables Features:

100+ items. Too many for listing.

Planned Features:

Install Instructions:

Extract the zipped mod (of your choice) to your 'mods' folder in the DS files. Open Don't Starve, and enable/disable the mod via the in-game interface.


No known issues.

Please let me know if you find anything.

Known Bugs:

When killing a craftable animal, the killed creature will drop the ingredients needed to craft it. A handy Dark Petals exploit here. A fix is hopefully upcoming.

Please report more bugs on the mod's thread.


v.0.1.9 - Added remaining Cave mobs and a load of new Structures, mainly for decoration.

v.0.1.8 - Added larger animals like Beefalo, Crock Pot foods and some structures.

v.0.1.7 - Version 0.1.6 fixed, Turf reimplemented.

v.0.1.6 - Gold Nuggets, Flint, Nitre and Rocks added!

v.0.1.5 - Update removed.

v.0.1.4 - Crash fixed! Hopefully. Craftable Gears and Animals also added to this mod.

v.0.1.3 - Yellow and Orange Gem.

v.0.1.2 - Turf removed, in effort to fix crash.

v.0.1.1 - Moved Raw Resources to it's own mod. Updated to preview. Added 18 Items.

v.0.1.0 - Added Craftable Raw Resources and Craftable Uncraftables [Half]

v.0.0.9 - Corrected a mistake in modinfo, and changed the image.

v.0.0.8 - Rot and Rotten Eggs added. Updated to current build. Some minor string changes.

v.0.0.7 - Walrus Tusk added. Pan Flute removed. For...reasons...

v.0.0.6 - Guano added.

v.0.0.5 - Bunny Puffs, Shell Armour and Shellmet. The Pan Flute (please see 'Features')

v.0.0.4 - String Tweaks, Implemented Red and Blue Gem.

v.0.0.3 - String Tweaks, Mandrake recipe change, Gears and Spider Glands.

v.0.0.2 - Very minor typo fix.

v.0.0.1 - Got the first batch finished.

What's New in Version 08/14/13 06:06 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I'm actually somewhat confused because looking inside the file I found that "TECH" was indeed in there. Any insight on the issue would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Also, I seem to really not understand how I'm supposed to post a picture, it's saying "mods/Craftable Uncraftables/modmain.lua:5: variable 'TECH' is not declared"

EDIT2: It seems as if removing the tech part of it has resolved my issue but added to my confusion. But hey, now it works!

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anything we ask for you'll add? how about a food dryer so we can make jerky and dried fruits that will last all winter or through all 4 seasons.

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