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Dropping the item in your hands with the R key.It is mainly used to quickly to throwing lantern!

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What the point in this? -.- Someone could just drag the item with their mouse out of their inventory. :/ Why did I even come to this page?!

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This would be a lot more useful if it was used to instantly drop item in your inventory instead of having to move them over to the ground with the mouse. You could bind "ctrl + righ click" to it or something

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I am not sure if this mod was updated in the meantime but those comments... what is wrong with you people? It does exactly what it says: Press R key and you have instantly empty hands while the item that was in your hands is on the ground now... dropped... not planted...


And there is also a hint how this could be useful... rolling through caves with lantern in the hands... you see enemy in front of you... press R and then hold F, easy as that = light on the ground, smashing enemy instantly...


kittykatz... why do it easily and instantly when you can just drag your mouse here and there like a total amateur? Because you can, that's why..


Thanks for this simple yet much useful mod ziyuan2013.

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I discovered "funny" bug with this mod - while it works like a charm during actual game, pressing the key associated with dropping items while around main menu (accidentally, or during writing something, like using said letter in preset name, for example) results in mod crashing with error, complaining about being unable to define "player" ;)


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