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With 10 stone walls,10 ices and 5 Blue gems to create a Wilson's Big Snow House,and put it on the ground with rigth key to building.Left key to sleep (can also be sleeping during the day), after waking up health, hunger, san will be full and remove all debuff.Right key will open the warehouse (away from it will closed), a total of 108 grid storage space, with cold storage function.Use "Repair" button, can repair the items, restore the food freshness, dry goods. it shining day and night,If you don't want the house, smashed with a hammer. if the warehouse is not empty, it will fall on the ground.

If you have any questions let me know them!Thank you!

About next mod:

Next mods are some ornaments.you can put them on the ground.wait!

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Cheating on the way)))

Can you at least decrease the storage grid? You know, 108 cells... is for sure TOO much for about any prize.

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