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[A Moderately Friendly Update] version.


  • Health - 200
  • Hunger - 100
  • Sanity - 150


  • Hits like a wet noodle, but moves around a bit faster to compensate!
  • Has an affinity for the rain, gaining sanity when it falls.
    • If sanity gets too low, rain will start falling in an attempt to recuperate.
    • Frogs will fall from the sky if sanity is critically low.

    [*]Gets hungry quickly, and is picky about the foods she eats and the state they're in.

    • Some foods, such as monster-variety meat, she just won't eat.
    • If the food is stale or spoiled, it suffers a penalty.

    [*]Has a phobia of bugs. Bees, killer bees, and mosquitoes now give off an insanity aura.


New in version 1.1:

  • Nightvision has been removed.
  • Upon request, a new craftable lightning staff!
    • You can now strike your foes with lightning! -15 sanity and -10% durability per attack.
    • Doubles as a torch! Has a passive -1% durability loss per tick when equipped.
    • Will be found under the Magic tab, craftable with a Prestihatitator. Requires Nightmare Fuel x4, Living Logs x2, and Gold x3.

    [*]When Wren's insane and is hit by an enemy, lightning will strike back at them. This will hit 1 enemy and have a 1-minute cooldown.

** Bugs or crashes? **

Special Thanks:

  • debugman18
  • simplex
  • Heavenfall
  • Psycosis
  • DaVinci557

Feel free to leave suggestions!

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Game says mod's outdated, when enabled, Wren doesn't show up in the character selection menu.


What's going on.


Edit: got trolled by WinRAR. Unpacked the proper way and it works.

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You should update this mod as well as the game is updated, for truth, for me this is the best mod character and it's a shame that it is outdated.

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