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FutaraDragon Dynamic Status Bar 1.6

2 Screenshots

About This File

--Before Readme

--Thankyou <<LLF>>SilentDarkness for report some bug

--Thankyou squeek for Help how to fix collisions bug about pine cone

--Thankyou Ipsquiggle for Help The Mod Up to Date

--Thankyou kiopho for Help GUI Bar Script and Image

--Thankyou WrathOf for ModLib and Code Starter knowledge

--Thankyou Handsome Matt for TexTool That can Customize Picture

--Thankyou milson - "Potions Mod" for know about Add new Item Texture

--Thankyou tehMugwump - "Infinite Tools Mod" for know about Custom Tuning and Components

--Thankyou tehMugwump - "Chester the Enlightened Mod" for know about Mod Script

--Thankyou Heavenfall - "Summons Mod" for know about Custom Action Right Click

--Thankyou leon8111 - "xTraCraftables Mod" for know about Custom New Tab

--Thankyou somebody I'm forgot sorry =A=


-- FutaraDragon DynamicBar Mod V1.6

-- Create by FutaraDragon

-- Special Thank kiopho

-- Special Thank Ipsquiggle

-------------------------- AboutMod -------------------------

-- This Mod Allow Show HPBar When Player near object that have Health and Combat Status


-- About this mod

-- The Mod has 3 version for choice

-- a version is Show All HP and MP Bar

-- b version is Show All HP and MP Bar but only player don't Show

-- c version is Show Only When is the target


-- How to play!!

-- Walk near object


-- OtherAbout this mod

-- This Mod Support Mana Component and Support All FutaraDragon Mods

----------------------- FutureUpdate ------------------------

-- No Future Update for this mod


What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


  • -- 09/09/2013 v1.5 FixBug
  • -- FixBug collisions bug about pine cone

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I'm sorry that this is completely off topic, but this question must flow forth into the world before my brain explodes... In that picture you have for this mod... is that a bellybutton or a pee-hole? o.O'

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Yes sir. I think all work normally. only change version.

I try to change the version and disable other mods but this dont work for me. In game i have a black retangle around all that have an status bar, how can i fix that? I really want an status bar for mobs but seem this is the only that already exist!

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Is there a way to remove the *multiple HP bars* (White, Green, Red) and just have the whole HP shown in a single red HP bar?

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