micheltelo2121's Diamond Sword v1.3

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About This File

An update and correction of the micheltelo2121's mod.

It's the Diamond Sword from Minecraft!

It's craftable in the War tab, tech magic level 3 (a Shadow Manipulator is required to prototype this weapon).

It's durability is limitless and 1,5 time more powerfull than the Dark Sword.

When you're equipped the Diamond Sword glows an aqua light and it reduces your speed by 75% (but it doesn't prevent it from the malus brings by the Piggyback or Marble Suit).


Blue gem = 20

Lightbulb = 1

Spear = 10

French Translation in a separate modmain.lua file: Renommez le fichier modmain- Fr.lua en modmain.lua.

All credits to the author.


I 've revisited the light function and the recipie, because in my opinion, this sword is very strong, so I think 20 blue gems is not a low price.

I don't know why there's some graphic glitches when the character is equipped and when it's on the ground. I don't understand the DarkSwork stuff in his code, maybe it comes from that. If someone can help in improving this, I'll be gracefull.

What's New in Version v1.3   See changelog


  • v1.3 : Correction/overhaul, update of his work. Nightmares update compatible.
  • v1.2 : micheltelo2121 original version.

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