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  1. .../mods/Auto planting/scripts/prefabs/lightningrod.lua:70: attempt to index local 'data' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: E:/DontStarve/data/../mods/Auto planting/scripts/prefabs/lightningrod.lua(70,1) in function 'onlightning' E:/DontStarve/data/../mods/Auto planting/scripts/prefabs/lightningrod.lua(124,1) in function 'fn' E:/DontStarve/data/scripts/entityscript.lua(631,1) in function 'PushEvent' E:/DontStarve/data/scripts/components/seasonmanager.lua(513,1) in function 'DoLightningStrike' E:/DontStarve/data/scripts/components/seasonmanager.lua(577,1) in function 'OnUpdate' E:/DontStarve/data/scripts/update.lua(104,1) scripts/frontend.lua(723,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen Please, update mate. ;( Or somebody else, the code isn't very hard to debug I think.
  2. Necro but I'm shocked... There's trollz here? @Silentdarkness1 @Weirdobob Where are your mods guys? It's a sarcastic and informative question because I can't figure out how to find modder files. 3 times (or maybe more) in 3 years this forum has rebuild his frontend (don't remember the good term) and it's worst every time. It's making my browser lagging a loooot... @mouse has the good spirit. Thanks for the tuto mate
  3. Time is now, now... :/ Modders finish devs work. Bethesda? XD Thanks mate. I miss this since the first steps
  4. Oh yeah. Thanks a lot Maybe you could consider to make the description more ... detailed ^^ 10 downloads/days, it's a good performance.