KTEX+XML Decompiler 1.0.0

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About This File

Simple Java application that allows its user to split the contents of Klei's TEX files using their respective XML atlases. In other words...



It turns this:


into this:



Using it is simple:
- The first text field is for the XML file. It usually has the same name as the TEX file and is found in the same folder.
- The second text field is for the PNG file. The tool will accept TEX files if it is put in the same folder as simplex's ktools.
- The third field is for the output folder. All images contained in the PNG/TEX will be put there when they're extracted.


As I've previously mentioned, this tool does NOT convert TEX files to PNG. It will make ktech from ktools do so if they are in the same folder. The second field's label will change from image.png.f97ad05d7b37ef995c2e98bb621f7da0.png to image.png.e3d2599c28f0685310df44131f873e44.png if ktech.exe is detected.


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16 hours ago, OKYouProstate said:

this is so gamer, thank you


but isn't this basically what ysovuka's atlas packer's unpack function does?

I've never heard of that.

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3 hours ago, OKYouProstate said:

I'm not sure if they work identically - But iirc that does use XMLs (it seems to do some kind of cropping/expanding based on the image though) - An XML with all square images gets exported as rectangles. Strange

I see... Mine didn't take long to make anyway (it doesn't have a TEX exporter). I'll likely continue updating it (for coding experience and personal use), though.

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