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Behold, the mighty Bee Mask! Use it to disguise yourself as a bee, fooling killer bees to protect you and together with the Bee Dart, manipulate them to defeat your enemies! But don't expect them do be fooled forever! ...and the character will also be very embarrased, being dressed up as a bee.

With this mod, I aim to make a proper Beekeeper mod, adding new features to manipulate the Killer beehives and improving the system of normal bees. As of right now, I think it's fairly balanced while having fun mechanics! In the future I plan to add some optional OP stuff, granting the BeeKeeper more control over the minions!


- Bee Mask, become a bee

- Re-plantable Killer beehives

- The Bee Dart, shoots bees

- Better Beekeeper hat

- Angrier Killers

About the Bee Mask:

Disguise yourself as a bee, and become friend with the bees. Killer bees won't attack you and instead follow you around, but aggro-ing them on other creatures is hard without the Bee Dart, which will make them attack the target, when the shot bee takes damage from a retaliating enemy.

Build it with 1 Beekeeper hat, 5 honey and 1 stinger.

...However there comes some penalties, and unlike all other high-tier items, it does not reduce sanity. Instead it makes the player freeze occasionally in shame of being dressed as a bee. In the future, a body piece of bee will bee added, making the bee costume complete!

...and also, bees will occasionally attack you, which, if you let yourself be attacked, may cause chaos in their ranks.

It currently doesn't have durability, I will fix that in a later patch

...And also, many numbers might be unfair/unbalanced, so feedback on how the freeze duration/bee aggro should be changed is appreciated!

About Re-plantable Killer Beehives:

Did you lure hounds, spiders, or other menacing creatures to some wasphives, and watching them get demolished by the killer bees, thinking: "these bad boys would create excellent silkfarms, or even better, an impenetrable defense!", but then realizing that they cannot be recreated once destroyed?

This mod creates an unique drop, the Killercomb!

How to plant a wasphive:

Killercombs works the same way spider eggs do. Left click one in your inventory, and drag it to then screen. Then right click where you want it.

About the Bee Dart:

The best custom weapons have new abilities, rather than being damage upgrades from already existing weapons. In the KillerCraft, you are able to:

Shoot Killer Bees

The Newly shot bees have fresh aggro, which means they will attack the first thing that's close, often being your target. This allows you to manipulate the other killer bees from a nearby hive, as they will protect their newly-shot friend if it aggroes on a bigger monster.

You can also defeat your enemies with Bee Darts only, but remember that the homeless bees will roam and maybe kill you at a later stage. Also good for distracting monsters that are chasing you.

About the Beekeeper hat:

The Beekeeper hat has always been underpowered, as it's only effect is to reduce damage taken by 80%, same as the Football helmet, but being much more expensive with it's 8 silk.

While future update might buff the Beehat even more, this mod makes it:

Never aggro bees when you harvest a beebox

Which at least I assumed it already did when I first crafted it in the vanilla game, and got surprised when the bees attacked me even though I wore a Beehat.

As of patch 1.5, this part of the mod is fixed, and also reduces the cost of beekeeper hat from 8 silk to 4, since 8 was just ridiculous.

About the Angrier Killers:

Oh no!

You have been toying with the Killer bees, and now they are truly angry!

If you set foot within their territory, they will eventually find you and kill you!

This adds another range to the killer beehives, that will aggro the bees if you stand too long inside it. This is to add some excitement to being around a killer beehive, but you will not notice it if you keep your distance. Also it prevents killer bees from attacking you once you've planted the beehive.

How to install (gotta have this)

Step 1. Download the Killercraft1.6.zip

Step 2. Unzip the Killercraft1.6.zip

Step 3. Place the Killercraft folder in your dont_starve/mods folder

Step 4. Enable the KillerCraft mod from the mod menu. (the mod menu is in the in-game menu, below "exit")

Step 5. Enjoy the KillerCraft mod!

Version history:

Version 1.0 Initial release, Killercomb, bees attack you when close (including when you planted it)

Version 1.1 Not the bees! update, the bees will attack you if you are at medium range from their hive, but initial planting aggro is removed.

Version 1.2 A Proper Beekeeper, the Bee Dart was added, and beehat preventing beebox bees to spawn while harvesting.

Version 1.3 Just a minor update, I fixed the bees from the beedart not aggroing properly and an on the ground anim for killercomb.

Version 1.4 An even smaller update, to make the mod compatible with the Powers update, which sadly made my overrides on the beehat and beebox not work. I tried to write it in the modmain, but they didn't like that. It's a minor feature anyways, so I should fix this in version 1.5.

Version 1.5 Super small update, just fixed the beehat. But don't worry, a big update is coming soon!

Version 1.6 Big update, introduction of the first piece of Bee Costume, the bee mask!

Feedback thread here


Thank you @Spazmatic for coming up with the killercomb idea and making the texture for it, as well as the Bee Dart!

Thank you Raccoon for helping me edit the tex file for the anims!

Thank you @Albinowyvern for making the Bee Mask!

And, as always, many thanks to the dapper den for inspiration and support!

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:24 AM   See changelog


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Great mod but uh i got a game crashing bug on my hands involving this mod and the waverly the bewitched mod can you possibly fix the problem i'm having on your end? here is a link to download the error screen i got: https://www.mediafire.com/?dazkyyqdlz5ka77

For the record this happens on occasion when i target something with a boomerang and since i'm using the link mod this is quite a problem PLEASE help if you can thx.

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thx but i've had other modders gladly help me get their stuff to work so i'm hopeful that plospo will be willig to help me as well if not then i will have to sadly. Oh also it seems to happen mostly when i target mandrakes, and butterflies sometimes, with the boomerang or anything to soon after examining something else.

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