Kaizer, The Turquoise Hawk 7.0.1

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Version Update on Steam is Newest So please subscribe on steam because I don't upload in here often.

Thank you so much :)
Now, version of this mod is update to Ver. 7.01 !!!!
[[[[ Important Note !!! ]]]]
after ver.7.01, your game status in 7.00 will be reset to 0 after update BECAUSE I re-write the script for Weapon (description below) and Any update plan in the future.
I'm sorry about your save. I'm so sorry.
Re-Master texture and things.
Can be grown up ( Level up ) by eating 7 sins' gem.
7 sins's gem type drops depend on type of monster he killed, Especially boss!
[-Warning-] Weak ( Very much!!! ) on Begins, Stronger in Late !!
Can choose Difficulty that affect status boost less or high when eat gem.
Compatibility With ROG.
You can check status by L (Can config in mod configuration)
New Weapon and Bonus Effect
Sins Gears
New feature Updated after ver.7.01 (currently only has a sword, but in future I will be release more)
The Vainglorious
Dmg : 30
Durability : 175
Recipe : 5 The Obsidian of Pride / 1 Living Log / 2 Nightmare fuel
Prototype Require : Prestihatitator ( Building with Top hat )
Bonus Effect : If Kaizer use to attack , chance to add bonus damage. The Damage Bonus is depend on your pride level, High Pride High Damage.
7 Sins's Gem
There are 7 type of gem that will make he stronger
Emerald of Envy - Rise your Max sanity
Obsidian of Pride - Rise your damage
Quartz of Sloth - Rise your speed
Ruby of Wrath - Rise your Defense
Sapphire of Lust - Rise your Max Health
Topaz of Gluttony - Rise your Max Hunger
Diamond of Greed - Rise All Status
( Min / Max )
Health 50 / 350
Sanity 50 / 400
Hunger 50 - 300
Speed Slower than wilson / Faster than wilson ......
Damage Combat 50% / 200% !!
Damage Absorb 0 / 30%

What's New in Version 7.0.1   See changelog


Re-write script
- Cause sins level in 7.00 will be reset to 0 after update to 7.01

Add Sins Gears Tab
- Add "The Vainglorious", the obsidian sword

Fix Display status bug (status go over 100%)

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Kaizer, The Turquoise Hawk 7.01.rar

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Dein Mod disabled sich immer selbst. Irgendwas läuft da noch net Kollege. Aber coole Idee bis jetzt. MfG. Regenstein

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