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  1. Now my problem solved. Thank you modder and myself ~~
  2. current, I can type and say a word. in "scripts/components" codes are So now a problem is can I use inst or data in "prefabs/character.lua" and how ?
  3. Greeting Modder. I just finish some content of my mod and found problem I can't solve by myself. My mod can eat gems to rise his level and problem is I can't write codes that press a key to display status. (Screenshot to explain what I wan to do) [ Form Mod : [DST] Musha ] the simple explain what I want is I press key L on keyboard and then my level show up like that screenshot I try to read other mod code, copy them or try to write but still got error...... Could someone guide me please ? It's would be pleasure, Thank you so much Here it is my mod : Edit : forgot to attach my mod Orz
  4. Version 7.0.1


    Version Update on Steam is Newest So please subscribe on steam because I don't upload in here often. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963927222 Thank you so much Now, version of this mod is update to Ver. 7.01 !!!! [[[[ Important Note !!! ]]]] after ver.7.01, your game status in 7.00 will be reset to 0 after update BECAUSE I re-write the script for Weapon (description below) and Any update plan in the future. I'm sorry about your save. I'm so sorry. ♣ Feature ♣ Re-Master texture and things. Can be grown up ( Level up ) by eating 7 sins' gem. 7 sins's gem type drops depend on type of monster he killed, Especially boss! [-Warning-] Weak ( Very much!!! ) on Begins, Stronger in Late !! Can choose Difficulty that affect status boost less or high when eat gem. Compatibility With ROG. You can check status by L (Can config in mod configuration) New Weapon and Bonus Effect ♥ Sins Gears ♥ New feature Updated after ver.7.01 (currently only has a sword, but in future I will be release more) The Vainglorious Dmg : 30 Durability : 175 Recipe : 5 The Obsidian of Pride / 1 Living Log / 2 Nightmare fuel Prototype Require : Prestihatitator ( Building with Top hat ) Bonus Effect : If Kaizer use to attack , chance to add bonus damage. The Damage Bonus is depend on your pride level, High Pride High Damage. ♠ 7 Sins's Gem ♠ There are 7 type of gem that will make he stronger Emerald of Envy - Rise your Max sanity Obsidian of Pride - Rise your damage Quartz of Sloth - Rise your speed Ruby of Wrath - Rise your Defense Sapphire of Lust - Rise your Max Health Topaz of Gluttony - Rise your Max Hunger Diamond of Greed - Rise All Status ♦ Status ♦ ( Min / Max ) Health 50 / 350 Sanity 50 / 400 Hunger 50 - 300 Speed Slower than wilson / Faster than wilson ...... Damage Combat 50% / 200% !! Damage Absorb 0 / 30%