[DST] QuestsAPI (Beta) 0.8.1

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The API Mod:
Every QuestMod needs the API mod to work.
I developed the API mod, to allow every modder to create custom quests/rewards/shopitems (so I don't have all the work creating quests :D).
The best way to start if you want to create content, is to look at my questsmods and how I did it. There is also explanation in the modmains.

Basic mechanics:
Go near to the pigking and he will tell you what task he has for you. Go up and down to hear more about the quest.
There are 5 difficulties (1 to 5, esay to hard). The text of diff 1 quest is dark green. 2 is green. 3 is organge. 4 is red and 5 is dark red.
Do what the pigking wants and visit him again to get your reward.

If you don't want to do the quest or it is impossible, you can do the emotion "annoyed" three times near the pigking. This will skipp the quest.

Next Quest (default 1 day):
In modsettings you can choose, how much time should pass, before the pigking is offering you another quest after solving/skipping previous quest (half time when skipping quest).

Loop Quests (default enabled):
The questlist of pigking contains a finite number of quests. After every quest was active, the pigking will offer no more quests. But if you enabled the modsetting "LoopQuests", the questlist is again filled with all quests and you can do them again for reward.

Number of Quests:
For some quests, like "Emote" and "Hunt", you can choose in modsettings of questmod how often you want those quests be added to the questlist.
All other quests are only added once. So choose the number of emote/hunt quests according to how often you want to get those quests relative to other specific quests.

Shop Mode (default enabled):
In the modsettings you can choose if you want to enable "Shopmode". If enabled, you will get coins as reward for doing quests.
The shopkeeper always spawns near the portal and you can buy some basic items from him. In modsettings you can enable chance to find coins when looting something.
If you disable Shopmode, you will get random items instead directly from the pigking as reward.

Blueprint Mode (default disabled):
You can enable it in modsettings. This is a mode where you can't build any researchlab. Instead you have to find blueprints to be able to craft stuff. You will get blueprints and few coins as quest reward, but can also enable in modsettings a chance to find blueprints when slowpicking/working. Every found blueprint is also added to the shopkeeper, so every player can buy any found blueprint for 1 coin at the shopkeeper.
I think this mode as potential, but at the moment I don't think it will be very famous. Maybe you have ideas to improve this mode?

Adding/Removing Quest/Questmods after game start:
It is no problem to add/disable a questmod to an already running game. The questlist of the pigking is updated accordingly.

Only surface:
For now only surface is supported. Quest completed in caves do not count, since communication between caves and surface is not eays.

Work in Progress GitHub:


Questmods that require API mod:



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