Kaji the fear core - DST version 1.0.0

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This fellow with the ram horns and the smiley face tail is Kaji. As a core from Alkia, Kaji has a fear core instead of a heart, and black blood instead of red. With it he can distort his body in horrifying ways to scare off creatures. 

Here it is! so many people asked for it I finaly got around to doing it. The dst version of the Kaji mod. (THIS VERSION IS FOR DON'T STARVE TOGETHER ONLY)
Check out the single player version if you want! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=516929231

Kaji is a character designed by my friend VenoShade! Check out https://charahub.com/character/871797/Kajira-Odysseus-Helix to see their info page.


Health:150   Hunger:150   Sanity:175

(many stats are configurable in mod settings)

Kaji's powers inflict the "SPOOKED" status on enemies.
-tinted black for the duration of the status, and players will say "Yikes!" when applied.
-forced to run in the opposite direction of Kaji until the status ends.
-ends after 4 seconds. 
-It will also automatically end early for players (not mobs) if they take damage, or enter total darkness. (no Charlie killing!)

Fear Core:
one of the two ways to inflict "Spooked"
equipped in the hand slot and used like a ranged weapon (that does no damage).
-it "spooks" only the creature you use it on, costing 12 (default) sanity and gaining 5 hunger. 
-Can be used on other players ONLY if the server has pvp enabled. Using it on other players costs an additional 5 sanity. 
-has a 20 second cooldown before it can be used again
-It can only be used against other players if the server has pvp enabled.
-on death, it will remain in your inventory on after respawning.
-(In the dst version, there is nothing preventing you from taking it out of your inventory. So DON'T LOSE IT. It is not craftable, and the only way to get another one is to die and respawn with a new one.)

Panic Roar: A dormant "panic button" that activates automatically when health falls below 35 and inflicts "spook" to everything on screen
-inflicts the "spooked" status to every creature on screen EXCEPT other players. (I didn't want it accidentally messing up cooperative boss fights)
-Kaji gets full invincibillity for the duration of the roar animation (3.5 seconds), and becomes "un-targetable" for another 4.5 seconds after that.
("untargetable" means that he cannot be directly attacked by other players or monsters, but can still take damage from other sources like starving, freezing, explosions, fires, ect.)
-Drops sanity by 35 when used. Once used, it will not be useable again until you return to good health. (above 110 health and above 75 sanity)

Fear of water:
-Kaji's sanity will quickly drop when near water or ponds.
-His attack power decreases near water by up to 35% depending on how close you are.
-Refuses to use fishing poles.

Chubby and needs to eat more often:
-gets hungry 15% faster
-has a small amount of natural insulation

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