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Since I was informed that the setting of ore may not satisfy everybody, I decided to publish a "pure" flashlight mod. At the same time, I will still work on the electricity mod.

Enjoy it! :>

Added New Item:

- Flashlight: 1 Gears, 5 Gold, 2 Purple Gem

- Batteries: 5 Gold, 5 Nitre


- Once you make a flashlight, it will be your good friend at night or in cave.

- It will produce super-bright light at first, but as time passes, the flashlight will lose its power.

- If the power is low, the radius of light will decrease.

- When the power goes off, you need to craft some batteries to charge it.

- 1 flashlight needs 2 batteries to be fully recharged.

- DO NOT THROW BATTERIES INTO FIRE! (I mean you can have a tryicon_e_wink.gif)

- If you have a 5-equipslots mod, you can put the flashlight in the amulet slot.

- If you don't, you can only put it in the hat slot. (not logical, haha)

- A flashlight on the ground can be turned on or off, so it acts like the lantern.

- Each time you equip a flashlight,the light color changes!

If you are interested in the electricity mod, plz click here.

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