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DS Shipwrecked ONLY

This mod designed only for Shipwrecked DLC


All fish-items can be eaten, but it is better not to do it... Also can be stored in a fridge to keep them from spoiling.

Fish Armor


Armor made of fish.

750 durability and absorbs 60% of physical damage. With 50% chance gives absolute protection - fish is slippery and character dodges a blow. ≈80%

Small protection from rain and overheating.

Will be spoiled after 40 days.

Crafting: seaweed - 2, flint - 1, fish raw - 4



Something like an umbrella. But from fish...

Protects from rain and lightning like Umbrella (90%) (Rain Coat 100%)

Delays overheating in Summer like Summer Frest (120) (Floral Shirt 240)

It has 225 durability and absorbs 50% of physical damage. (Football Helmet 450/80%)

Will be spoiled after 15 days.

Crafting: tropical fish - 5, twigs - 2, rope - 2

Fish Sword


Sword made of fish.

50 damage

100 uses

Will be spoiled after 15 days.

Crafting: 2 twigs, 5 tropical fish, 2 rope.



Bat from lobster claw.

Deal 40 damage. Have 150 uses.

Will be spoiled after 20 days.

Crafting: dead lobster - 1, rope - 2, twigs - 1

Another items:

Diving Helmet


Advantages: 1200 durability and absorbs 90% of physical damage. Medium protect from rain. A little restores sanity while worn.

Disadvantages: When equipped, it will decrease the map reveal range while sailing (about 10%).

Crafting: transistor - 3, jellyfish - 1, empty bottle - 1

Chance to drop from Knight Boat - 20%, Monkey - 5%



Massive melee weapon. Deal 79 damage. Have 150 uses.

Crafting: cutstone - 4, nightmarefuel - 2, coral - 2

Chance to drop from Knight Boat - 20%, Monkey - 5%

Download from Steam:

DS Shipwrecked ONLY

What's New in Version 0.9.1   See changelog


  • Bugs fixed (Diving Helmet)
  • Add the ability to disable certain items
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this is AWESOME! it worked fine for me... oh, thos damn knights are EVERYWHERE on my seas and i'm tired of their uselesness (and the excess of gears)

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