Wissphar, The Misplaced One DST/DS DST:1.4.5 / DS:1.3

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About This File

He is Wissphar! an mod character, who has new weapons and an own armor! his strong feet and his resistance makes him an good combat character!





He is strong and resistant!

The strenght it's increased by (1.25 DST, 1.20 DS) and he can resist more damage because his armored feet protects him (0.15 DST, 0.10 DS, DS without RoG will don't have any special resistance)

Knows more magic and weaponry.

He has more advantage of crafting, he can do his own armor and helmet, also, new weapons and nightmare tools! He knows magic more fastly, having an 1 magic bonus builder, this means, you can craft prestihatitator items with science machine an shadow manipulator items with an prestihatitator

His sanity is low and his stomach consumes fastly.

Like wolfgang perk, his stomach consumption it's (1.20 DST, 1.30 DS)

Own durable armor.

The armor is the best part, he won't be able to use any armor, except his own, don't worry, his armor it's very durable (DST 4000, DS 2500) and resistant (DST 0.85, DS 0.80) now...

get out an enjoy him, if you wanna, read the changelog.

DST Changelog


Reworked Throwing Axe and Possessed Throwing Axe (AKA PTA) textures. Reduced PTA projectile velocity from 35 to 20.


Added him, heh.

DS Changelog


-Improved Wissphar hair color. (You can see it only ingame, i forget the portrait and the saveslots.) (Thank you Sep - The Cursed Leprachaun for the idea :D)


-Redone Portrait.

-Added his Speech

-Added Maxwell intro (on adventure too)

-Added Blue Gem and Red Gem Crafts

-Fist attacks now are faster

-Now starts with 1 Blue Gem

-Attacks with an weapon equiped will do the pickaxe animation.


Added him, heh.

What's New in Version DST:1.4.5 / DS:1.3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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