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This mod should now be bug-free!

Use the firestaff to ignite gunpowder from range!

The explosion time has been lowered enough to barely ignite nearby gunpowder before exploding. You should therefore be able to use more gunpowder in combat.

Version History:

Version 0.1 - initial release, when attacked with non-fire damage, the gunpowder could be "killed"

Version 0.2 - When "killed", the gunpowder explodes, but made a nasty lingering hissing noise if several gunpowder exploded next to each other.

Version 1.0 - No lingering hissing noise, and no enemy mobs attacks the gunpowder. No more bugs, hopefully!

Version 1.1 - Removed the ability to "murder" gunpowder in your inventory.

How to install (gotta have this)

Step 1. Step 1. Download the bettergunpowder1.1.zip file

Step 2. Extract the bettergunpowder1.1.zip file

Step 3. Place the extracted folder bettergunpowder into the /dont_starve/mods directory

Step 4. Enable the Better Gunpowder mod from the mod menu. (the mod menu is in the in-game menu, below "exit")

Step 5. Enjoy being able to ignite gunpowder from range!

Feedback thread here

And as always: Credit to the amazing dapper den!

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Abandonned? :(


No, but the new API update didn't break anything, so I didn't bother update until now, when I fixed the murdering issue.

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