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Increases Krampus Sack to 3x6 (18 slots), Pigpack to 3x5 (15 slots), all other containers to 3x4 (12 slots).

Expanded container size request from here.

Finally [:C] updated to Mod.

Now on the Steam Workshop.


v2.0 Mod Update.

Changed Background Tint code, as that was the only thing causing it to not be compatible.

Removed redundant assets.

v1.2 Powers Update.

v1.1 Rock Update.

Added @no_signal's awesome code to end reliance on ModLib, now depreciated.

Cleaned up code/removed unneeded commented out code.

v1.0 Cave Update.

Adjusted everything to work with the Cave Update.

v0.9 End Update.

Upped Backpack to 3x4 (12 slots), Pigpack to 3x5 (15 slots), and Krampus Bag to 3x6 (18 slots).

Code adjustment to make it easier to move the ui location.

Adjusted ui images.

v0.8 Changed backpack sizes: backpack is 3x3 (9 slots), pigback is 3x4 (12 slots) and krampus sack is 3x5 (12 slots)

Removed whitespace from the 3x4 chest ui. It is now 308x416.

v0.7 Fixed background image so they do not overlap when multiple containers are open at once.

v0.6 "Fixed" bug where you can't access the inventory slots under the chester ui by moving the ui to the left of the chest ui.

Added scriptswidgetscontainerwidget.lua from modKittiko Bag as per WrathOf.

Added larger 12 slot icebox.

Moved chect ui up by one row.

Moved icebox ui to right of the chest ui.

v0.5 Fixed prefab.xml code conflict.

v0.4 Thanks to WrathOf (again :grin:) I was able to make a ui background for all of the vanilla containers.

v0.3 Embiggened Krampus Sack to 3x5 (15 slots), all other containers are 3x4 (12 slots).

Removed background.

v0.2 WrathOf could not help himself and changed it to not require overrides :razz:

v0.1 Increased container size of chester, chest, backpack, krampus sack.

What's New in Version 08/18/13 07:55 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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