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Walmond the realistic werewolf just so happens to be my seconded character mod and like with bellatrix the realistic vampire i plan to follow the cliché exactly with a few minor tweaks here and there

Things this mod should have


​Green implemented

Red Not implemented

Yellow kinda implemented


likes to be alone

(gains sanity when he is not around pigmen,bunnymen)

has a tortured past

(when insane he is haunted by his past)

loves the moon

(gains sanity when there is a moon, larger moon larger sanity gain, o and the whole werewolf thing is going on there as well)

Custom Sounds

Werewolf form art completion 28%









What's New in Version v0.3   See changelog


  • Added a fullmoon Werewolf Transformation (art is still being developed sorry about the poor quality and use of the werebeaver assets)
  • next update Full art redesign + moon amulet (force transform at cost of a high sanity sacrifice , natural transformations cost nothing)

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YAAAAAAAAAAS thankyouthankyouthakyouthankyou YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

lol i just found my own mod on the steam workshop that i didn't upload in fact he claimed i stole his mod how funny

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