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  1. I wish I could end The Wolf... But I can't -_-

  2. The Lamb (DST)

    Hmmm... Do you have orginal Steam DST? Or maybe it disables because you are playing on the Vanilla DS? I wish I could have more information to fix this problem...
  3. The Lamb (DS and RoG)

    I'm still working on him... It is really hard to me, because I'm new at scripting... I will appreciate any help from some masters of coding =3
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi there! I upload for you a version of The Lamb for Don't Starve and RoG! I added over 300 custom speech lines ^^ Enjoy! <3
  5. The Lamb (DST)

    Yeah! Why not? I can do it, now I'm just making The Wolf for her... Making Vanilla version will be very easy and I could do it maybe in an hour It should be on Klei Entertainment maybe tomorrow, on Saturday
  6. The Lamb (DST)

    I've got a question for you guys! Isn't the custom sound a bit loud? It is just a random question, because when I played I thought that it's louder than other characters' sounds... And, I want to say that The Wolf will be done maybe in Sunday (The Wolf is an Abigail-like creature that follows the Lamb)! I hope you'll have a nice weekend! <3
  7. The Lamb (DST)

    Thank you! ^^
  8. The Lamb (DST)

    Yes, but one of her perks are still in progress... Perk 1 : Is really soft Perk 2 : Sees only good side of the world (it means that she has lower sanity loss) Perk 3 : Travels with The Wolf (this perk is in progress, and I don't think it's gonna be done so quickly...)
  9. The Lamb (DST)

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi there! My new character mod is done! <3 The Lamb is inspirated by Kindred from a game League of Legends and from my Steam Profile Name... The Lamb's Statistics: Health : 75 Sanity : 225 Hunger : 150 Sanity Loss : 0.5 from Night and 0.25 from Sanity Drain Aura Damage : 0.75 List called "To do!" * Make an Abigail-like companion for The Lamb named The Wolf * Make custom speech * Make custom item named The Crystal Bow
  10. Star Butterfly

    Woah... xD It will be a good mod and I'm sure I'll follow and download it. For now, I'll just vote... 5 stars! ^^ Keep up the great work and I'm sure that this mod will be great as the other DS mods you made!
  11. Walmond The realistic werewolf

    Really good mod! I played and I'm nicely suprised! Keep doing the great job!