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Scorpion badger

One day.. That ps4 update may occur

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Anyone heard of aproximate update time for ps4 port?

sick of hearing pc superiority..

"get a pc" I have one but.. Splitscreen is my reason why ps4 port is important to me. 

have so much love for this game but its been months since weve even seen ps4 mentioned unless im blind.. I check almost daily like MAYBE AGAINST THE GRAIN IS RELEASED TODAY!?'! Only to load up my world and sleep in my tent in the exact location I dream the Oasis would be... 

yet hope lives on! Klei please itleast acknowledge us if an update is in the works for ps4 :)))

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watermelen671    3,680

It takes a lot more time and resources to make and release a PS4 patch. Not even mentioning the cost of even releasing said patch for the platform. (It doesn't cost anything to release a patch update on Steam, but it costs $40,000 to release the SAME patch update on other XBox and Playstation platforms.) 

It's just a lot easier for Klei to do quick patches and hotfixes on the PC, which is the native platform for the game, en masse. And then releasing a compilation of sorts for non-PC platforms when everything's all good and stable.

Also keep in mind that Sony deliberately makes developing games on their platforms hard, so as to deter and/or delay pirates and emulator makers, which in term adds another factor as to why it takes so long for an update to finally roll around. (Think of it as trying to program a game on a fridge that has internet access. A bit abstract of a comparison but an adept one nonetheless.)

Besides, between updating the main branch of DST for the PC, development of ONI and their newest game in development Griftlands, Klei's got their work cut out for them.

Keep in mind that they're an Indie Dev studio, they don't have the funds nor the manpower of a Triple A Studio per se to be able to do these kinds of things ALL THE TIME. So there will be (understandably) rather large gaps between development on the PC and PS4 as well as other non-PC platforms.

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