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Weather Pain is only available to target at very close range.

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I just killed the toadstool on a friends server using weather pains to chop sporecaps. I was gobsmacked (astounded) by the fact that the weather pain would only target the sporecaps at super close range. WTH? This is suposed to be a ranged weapon, no? I have seen vids of it used at a distance, yet my friend n i could only use it at close range like an axe. Has anyone else seen this? Is this normal on ps4? Very disappointed.

Why does the boomerang work at a distance but not the weather pain?

Steps to Reproduce
Fighting toadstool trying to target and attack sporecaps from a distance.
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I posted this bug as well. Didn't notice this thread because I've been browsing on mobile and specifically the PS4 bugtracker is hard to access in mobile. I originally thought there was just one bugtracker for all platforms. Weather pain is garbage on PS4.

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Yeah I don't actually think this is a bug per se or at least maybe not from Kleis point of view, but it should be. I get that console, ps4 version of DST in much more limited in many ways and will never be as good or easy to play as pc version but this is a joke. Why can we use the boomerang and blow darts as ranged weapons but NOT the weather pain. Yes the weather pain is garbage on ps4 and it's most frustrating considering it's one of the most expensive craftable items in the game, and basically essential for toadstool and fuelweaver fights solo. I just killed toadstool with weather pains solo and it was much harder and a little longer than it should have been. I have also noticed a short freeze after casting the weather pain - being unable to move for a very short time. 

We need to kick up a stink about this and hopefully then Klei will fix it. Please get others to complain and comment on this BUG, bc it is a bug imo. Sadly a lot of average players will rarely use weather pains and not see the issue and therefore never complain about it. It's mostly only the more advanced and experienced players that will notice this issue or BUG, but most are just accepting it as acceptable or "that's just how it is". 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we really need this fixed.

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