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  1. So I decided to jump in a delicated server today had fun with random people and when i tried to enter cave the screen got dark and then the game froze! I waited a few moments then i realized that the game froze and i had to close the game and start it over. At firat i thought it was a random error, then i saw the other guy entered the cave then a few moments later he entered the world !! Wait what ? When did he leave? There was no sighn that the he left the server ?! Then i asked him you couldn’t access the cave right ? And he said nope he couldn’t, here where i tought i should report this issue here
  2. I’m struggling with this issue too, it’s making it so much harder specially with misery toadstool ughh it will never end
  3. Well that’s helpful, but can you guys do the same for playstation players too please, it would be so much fun to let friends to play while I’m offline.
  4. Hey, i’m having same issue that’s due to poor connection. Yes poor connection is the main reason for that, i used to connect through home WiFi and there was no problem at all cuz the internet connection was 10mb so was clearly fast enough with this game. And later on i had to play with my phone hot spot and started to have issues with connection like for example when i try to join a friend will say the the server not responding and after a few tries will let me join but as soon as the connection gets really slow like 16kb would cause me to disconnect from server! Tried to host game and invite a friend to my world was pretty fine with me no lag nothing was going wrong, but for my friend was super laggy and can’t move sometimes because of my poor connection. So i would say that the problem you experiencing is due to weather you or your friend connection to the internet :))
  5. meh i was playing with a friend we had two ham bat and about 5 helms each and also logs suits it was a little dangerous but we did kill him and used his horn for eyeshoot for hounds .
  6. yaay thank you so much and your team for this awesome game is there any changes in the near future ? like new content ? and is the forger coming to ps4 too ? im in love with this game its so amaizing and would love to know you r guys getting this serise content since we havent had any like shipwreked . thanks again
  7. Hello friends , i got exited about this update and started to play with a friend of mine and we discovered that the sinkhole for the cave are closed we had to reconnect to the server every time we go to the caves. And second was get us out of the server and it says that the server not available! I tried three times in a row but still says the server not available and can’t play i hope you guys can fix this asap Update: i tried to go into caves with a friend of mine, we wanted to kill ancient boss so badly we’v Been preparing for this fight almost two weeks and found a way to go in caves without having the server crash I simply got my screen split and got my second account logged in and let the second character stand idly on base while me and my online friend wend through the ruins, but it was a bit difficult to get the the second character safe there with rain and dark and hounds attack but it was worth it. Thats the only way I discover it will be fine till the next update which I hop it will be very soon love playing this game
  8. Hello friends I just downloaded the DSL don't startve version and having issues with mods when I download mods and paste them in mods folder and start the game it says that they are out of date and nothing actually added to the game please help