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  1. Hello, I'm asking this question without actually having played the game in some time: With default world settings, can I play offline with my system clock set during Hallowed Nights/Winter's Feast? to get the unique items/stations if I miss them (then go online with auto-synced clock) I understand console editions lack the console commands and the world generation event options are "locked in" Is there any other way to obtain seasonal content aside from world gen settings/actually being available during events?
  2. I haven't played in a while but it looks like it should be working now according to this thread.
  3. It won't run or try to attack, it will just stand there until it dies.
  4. I actually timed it; rolling back in caves takes ~23 seconds, almost 5x as long as it should!
  5. I posted this bug as well. Didn't notice this thread because I've been browsing on mobile and specifically the PS4 bugtracker is hard to access in mobile. I originally thought there was just one bugtracker for all platforms. Weather pain is garbage on PS4.
  6. Initiating a rollback in the caves then using the stairs results in an infinite loading screen.
  7. When loading a save where Woodie is already in Beaver form, when he turns back he'll still have his backpack but no slots displayed in the inventory for it. If you have the inventory open when he turns beaver you can still "scroll" through your already open inventory instead of automatically closing it.
  8. Bump since this is still "pending" but easily reproducible. I couldn't delete the last post, but I think it had to do with the sinkhole glitches introduced and then later fixed in different patches. Original posted bug still in game. Other sounds loop as well such as moleworms. The more major issue is the caves taking double the time to rollback meaning no ability to rollback twice.
  9. At first I thought the item was designed to be terrible in combat since one of the memes of this game is items that don't actually improve quality-of-life. I recently saw in a video someone using it as a weapon with similar range to a boomerang. Makes sense; the first sentence on the wiki claims it to be a ranged weapon, and the whole idea seems to be the solo player's answer to mob swarms being the only source of crowd damage. In practice, on PS4 at least though I suspect other consoles as well, it is effectively a terrible melee weapon. The spell range is so small the prompt to perform a melee comes up before the spell. You have to be standing in front of an enemy to use the spell since it can't be blind-fired. This makes it useless for actually dealing with groups as standing directly in front of a swarm of enemies hoping the spell prompt appears, and actually having time to cast the spell that won't even prevent them from swarming you means instant death. What's more insulting is trees etc seem to have targeting priority for the spell also. Supposedly it is good for poison birchnut trees but you can't even dispatch them safely since you have to be standing directly in front of them -_- tl;dr pc has a useful ranged variant and consoles have just an expensive melee weapon that sucks in combat
  10. If there are unused controller buttons, maybe we could have a "lock target" button. At the very least I wish it wouldn't retroactively affect your already issued commands when someone comes into range, friend or foe. When I say already issued commands I also mean holding the attack button on an enemy for multiple hits. Don't target anyone else unless the enemy dies or I release the attack button.
  11. Omg multiple shadow monsters Always fun on console -_- I also recently attacked a bird with a boomerang and it flew away right after I threw it so the game aggroed a clockwork bishop lol
  12. Some new information: I loaded my world from the main menu and the sinkhole was visibly open. I stood in place with it on screen for 3-4 minutes, a little after dusk and it changed to the glitched state. I've also found that sinkholes will be obstructed 100% of the time if you use an in-game rollback. Another glitch regarding that feature I suppose. I believe these bugs are one and the same: caves seem to de-allocate themselves after a few minutes, wether or not you are inside them. I loaded the world, entered the cave, and got the "crash" when the caves de-allocated at the same time of day the sinkhole closed on the surface. They are forced loaded when starting from the title screen or the last rollback was inside of them. They are not loaded at all from an in-game rollback unless you were already inside. This is why during my testing earlier I observed it "working" because on the fresh world I opened a sinkhole within that timeframe and I loaded my existing world from the title menu, where it will work for 3-4 minutes, I didn't stick around long enough to see it fail.
  13. It happened a few times in the past but now three times in one day: trying to rollback takes to main screen, disables sound, and gives the message "something went awry while connecting"
  14. I had it happen in my personal world which only I play in. Server mode online though local only. Doesn't happen anymore though like it was a networking issue that sorted itself out after a while without software updates. Update: Guess I'm not sure what to think. I was just walking around then I noticed a closed sinkhole. I went back to the one that was working earlier and it was glitched also.