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Houndius Shootius range nerfed?

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Before the new update 1.84 (Troubled Water) the houndius were able to hit the enemies from a decent range, but not anymore.

(Sorry for the YT link, none of the gifs web works :()

Here I was able to kill the Clockworks easily before 1.84, but now it seemed like they are far away from the range of the houndius!


Steps to Reproduce


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User Feedback

48 minutes ago, Marco BR said:

@CharlesB the Houndius Shotius is not working the same way, so we have a possible problem

Are you referring to just the range as well, or some other behaviour?

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3 hours ago, CharlesB said:

Você está se referindo apenas ao intervalo também ou a algum outro comportamento?

Me and many of my community face a wide range reduction and Houndius Shotius needs a lot more battle stimulus to attack, the player needs to hit or take a lot more damage to wake him up, probably due to the reduced range ...

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