Delicated server cave glitch

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So I decided to jump in a delicated server today had fun with random people and when i tried to enter cave the screen got dark and then the game froze! I waited a few moments then i realized that the game froze and i had to close the game and start it over. 

At firat i thought it was a random error, then i saw the other guy entered the cave then a few moments later he entered the world !! Wait what ? When did he leave? There was no sighn that the he left the server ?! Then i asked him you couldn’t access the cave right ? And he said nope he couldn’t, here where i tought i should report this issue here :) 

Steps to Reproduce
Just joined random delicated server and enter cave

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A similar thing is happening to me. After updating to the lastest update, playing locally offline, split screen. Me and the second player will be above ground and everything is fine. One of us will go into the cave and load and everything is fine. Then the second player will go into the cave, and a few seconds later the game will crash. We tried 4 times and got the same result every time. It didn't matter which player entered the cave first.


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On a survival server I entered caves and game froze. Closed the game and started over and was able to finally enter the caves. On a Linux dedicated endless server the cave entrances show up as plugged.

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