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  1. A similar thing is happening to me. After updating to the lastest update, playing locally offline, split screen. Me and the second player will be above ground and everything is fine. One of us will go into the cave and load and everything is fine. Then the second player will go into the cave, and a few seconds later the game will crash. We tried 4 times and got the same result every time. It didn't matter which player entered the cave first. Thanks!
  2. I just found a work around. The fix was to sign out of PlayStation Now on the second account (the one that was not hosting the game). Then close and open Don't Starve Together again, and try to play.
  3. I'm having the same issue since the latest patch. We were able to start a new game, but then we stopped for the night. The next day we were not able to join the game, it just says "Connecting". This is an offline local server. Neither of our accounts are PS+.