Can't join to a password protected server if my conection status is Offline

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When I try to join one of my friend's world the message of the world being "Friend Only" pops up and it doesn't let me join even tho I have him on my friend list. 

I realize this happens if my conection status is set up as Offline. Once I change it to Online it lets me join no problem and I can even change it back to Offline. 

I know it's not a big issue (since I still can join) but I find it kind of annoying because sometimes I want to stay Offline to avoid be seen. 

Steps to Reproduce

Set status as Offline. 

Try to join to a server that is using a password Edit: It's the ONLY FRIENDS setting.

User Feedback


Can you clarify whether the problem is with a passworded server, or a friends only server? Your title says one, and your description says the other.

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.... ....

basically if someone makes a server friends only and you try to join it while you put yourself to appear as offline it doesn’t recognize you being in their friends list.

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