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  1. Yes He has the setting as Only Friends. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Maybe this video shows it better.
  2. When I try to join one of my friend's world the message of the world being "Friend Only" pops up and it doesn't let me join even tho I have him on my friend list. I realize this happens if my conection status is set up as Offline. Once I change it to Online it lets me join no problem and I can even change it back to Offline. I know it's not a big issue (since I still can join) but I find it kind of annoying because sometimes I want to stay Offline to avoid be seen.
  3. So, just a few days ago I was playing on a friend's server and suddenly she asks me about this ornament. I realized this was not ordinary one, I didn't recognize it at the beginning so after a quick google search I see it's a FORGE related ornament, which should be impossible to get (at least on console) because the only event we ever got was The Gorge. I asked her where did she find it, and she swears it was beside Glommer So unless there is another explanation I have to belive that Glommer somehow spawn the ornament? She has Events as Auto if that helps.
  4. Tfw just a week ago you used like 4 Deerclops eyes to build some statues
  5. 2:15 - 2:25 Almost drown because I struggled to place the boat
  6. I've seen this. But it's not that bad. It actives and deactivates (in my case) so I just move a little while fishing
  7. Sorry I don't have a specific reason why all of this happens, I'm just playing normally. My guess it's something is wrong with the inventory indexes when it comes to carrats
  8. - Also I tried to start a race after using the Navigation Gym (I think this is the one that causes the problems) it crashed the game
  9. Just beat yesterday, Looking forward to get all achievements. My main problems is that there is barely any people to play with and add to this that some tend to grief or serve dishes that don't go. PSN ID: VashAlexx