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bugs after update

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there are some bugs after game updated

1. cant see server information (only 'view tags' and 'toggle server name' are activated)

2. cant play host server which is made before update. when try to play that server, message pop up 'dedicated server failed to start'

3. only admin can enter the cave in the server that made after update. except admin, no one can enter cave

4. while playing game inspecting player make kicked out from server.

5. chattings are not disappear after time goes 


these are the bug i found and heard from others

Steps to Reproduce
please fix them all

User Feedback

1 - I don't have this issue
2 - Just loaded a player hosted old world without problems
3 - On an Endless dedicated server the caves appear collapsed
4 - I don't have this issue
5 - I watched a few people stream and I saw similar issues in chat, so it's not just me.

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Oops yeah. i thought here is PC/Steam Forum. Sorry for confusion

(Bug Tracker banner is linked to this PS4 bug tracker)

Edited by Altari

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