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Backpack removal glitch

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If you press R2 to move through your inventory manually, and then remove your backpack that way and press R2 again, the crafting tab will go away and your stat numbers will remain on screen. While the stat thing is kind of handy, its a bit weird. Everything goes back to normal if you open the crafting tab or open your inventory again.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip a backpack

press R2, and move to the armor slot

remove the backpack  

Press R2 again to leave your inventory view

(Sorry if thats a bad explanation i wasn't sure how to word it)

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User Feedback

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20 hours ago, DrMcGillacactus said:

Nope, it works in dst. I'm not sure what you did wrong

You are totally right! I was using DOWN instead of X to drop!

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