Tungsten volcanoes spawn in magma biome. Also abyssalite barrier error again

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Maybe this is intended, but it wasn't always this way:



Also on the left the water is instantly boiling again because the upper layer of the abyssalite is several hundred degrees. Wasn't that supposed to be fixed a few patches ago? I think I checked it and it worked briefly at one point (with there being a cool upper layer). Now it seems to be broken again.

Steps to Reproduce

Spawn any new map. Check swampy moon with the tungsten volcanoes and sap tree

User Feedback


It's not the abyssalite... There is a pocket of manga above the abyssalite of magma biome that's responsible for boiling everything

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Ah now I see the magma. It's both though. This always happens on that map. This also happens in regular ONI in the oil biome. In the oil biome you can find certain spots of abyssalite that are hot in the top layer. And the oil always boils to petroleum there. Sometimes to sour gas. Because contrary to what the game says it's conductivity is not actually zero. Same thing is happening here with the water. It's why the upper layer should be cool.

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