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Tile - Insufficient Resources with sandstone

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When trying building a tile with sandstone, any way in the swamp start map, the resource is indicated as insufficient.
Even if the sandstone is litterally at two step of the building. 
My actual stock for sandstone is 10.7 Tons with reserved 200 Kg.
I did not find this issue with other raw minerals.

Updates :
The same issue seems to appear on ladder.
The issue was not present at the start, There are some tile in sandstone, built by my dupes. 
The issue seems to be more general and concern all started building (but not done yet) on external planetoid with all visitors left.
The material used by the building will be not available for both external and start/first planetoid.








Steps to Reproduce

Not sure how to reproduce, Sandstone based building seems to present this issue, anywhere on the map.

Update :
Finally, I find a way to reproduce it :

On another planetoid (different that start), start any building with any materials.
Before the building is done, teleport back all the dupes to the start planetoid,
The "Insufficient resources" will be present for the previously selected materials on both planetoids, including the start one.
Cancelling the building will remove the "Insufficient resources messages"

User Feedback

Yeah, I can confirm this happened to me as well. I had a dupe go through the teleporter and start building some ladders out of Sedimentary Rock. She left the jobs unfinished due to not having the Hard Digging skill, so I sent her back home, leaving the second map empty. Back at home base, all jobs involving Sedimentary Rock were suddenly blocked on "Insufficient Resources". Cancelling the unfinishable jobs in the second map cleared the bug.

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I can confirm the bug as well. Jobs are completed normally though. It is just a visual bug.

For me it also happens with sedimentary rock. but i guess it is - as already mentioned - related to pending tasks on another asteroid.

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Same bug here with sedimentary rock

I couldn't figure out how to reproduce, but after seeing this post, I can confirm these steps because I have a sedimentary rock building planned on another planetoid

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