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Plant on the other side of Neutronium

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i first saw a red flood symbol on the other side of the neutronium. I open the farming overlay, and consider there was many plant there.



Steps to Reproduce

1- i sent a rocket in orbit of a new planet (when i was looking at planet surface before to sent the rocket, all was dark)

2- deployed content of orbital cargo module.
3- when i was looking around. i saw the red symbole of flooded plant.

Dédale Temporel.png

Dédale Temporel.sav

User Feedback

All planetoids appear to share the same overall map, the crops exist on another planetoid.

The one to the left should be your starting planetoid, and the one to the right should be the radioactive planetoid.

Rocket internals are there too, to the right of the 4th planetoid.


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