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  1. it's doing the same if the duplicant owning the skill die. the task isn't updated.
  2. There's an oxygen mask on the ground which contains oxygen. the amount of oxygen is dropping, but if i assign it to someone the oxygen stop dropping, even if the mask still on the ground and not used.
  3. even if i've much more than enough aluminium ore on the radiant planet, everything i build from it is saying insufficient ressources. but dupe can built them.
  4. i had a new asteroid with no porta-pod. during the time i build few things on that asteroid. my 3 cycle timer was ready to print something for others asteroids printing pod/porta-pod. I build a porta-pod on the new asteroid, and the timer start again to 3 cycles left.
  5. Game crashed when my dupe was building a microbe musher... but not sure what's the reason. reopen the game and doing it again was fine.
  6. i first saw a red flood symbol on the other side of the neutronium. I open the farming overlay, and consider there was many plant there.
  7. The teleportal transmitter still work even if you remove tile under it.
  8. i'm not sure if it's voluntary or not, but i can't build a corner moulding if the diagonal corner isn't build.
  9. In the information panel of anything. when we click on any rectangle like 'Status', 'information' or any others, it make the rectangle beeing white and we can't see it anymore.
  10. i've a dead dupe, not having memorial yet, and he's showed in the teleportal transmitter.
  11. A dead dupe have low morale, and it saying i can improuve it.
  12. its doing it with all care package, over Vital and consomable panel too.
  13. There's 2 overlays that are showing the Grubgrub body white. All other overlays are looking good. The 2 overlays are Temperature and Gemrs.
  14. The image of the fertilizer (care package) isn't on the good layer (Z order) so we see it over different windows. i don't know if it does it for other kind of care package yet.
  15. A dead corpse giving and high decor (+30, 3 tiles radius). He was waering a snazzy suit when alive. when he die, the snazzy suit wasn't on him anymore, i give him to someone else, but he still have the decor bonus.