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Nuisance "starving" alerts when dupes have food available

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I sometimes get alerts that a duplicant is starving even though they have food available.  The alert is happens when a duplicant's fullness drops below 1000, which is the same behavior as in the base game.  The problem seems to be that duplicants are not prioritizing eating as highly as they used to, resulting in their fullness dropping below 1000 and generating excessive "starving" alerts.  If I ignore the alert, the duplicant will go get food and eat it and the alert goes away.

Steps to Reproduce

Have food available in a location that is accessible to duplicants but would require travel time to get to.

Duplicant is busy doing a task and their fullness drops.

"Starving" alert is generated.

A little while later the duplicant will go get the food and eat it, requiring no intervention from the player.

User Feedback

I also don't see a difference to the base game technically. However, what's new now is that the diagnostics alert for food pops up along with the "Starving" alert, highlighting the amount of kcals. So that nuisance effectively changes


"Oh no, the game complains about starving dupes again, even though I know I have enough food"


"Oh no, the game complains about starving dupes again, even though it obviously sees that I have enough food".

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