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  1. I was able to start the Linux version after this update, thank you!
  2. For me it resolved after some time, I printed a new dupe on the same asteroid, went to the skill window to assign a skill to him and saw that now the display is correct. I don't know if this printing helped or something before it.
  3. See the attached screenshot. Searching for "cylindrica" in the encyclopedia also shows Bliss Burst.
  4. I just returned a dupe to the main asteroid from the 2nd one, so all of them are on the main one now, and that returned dupe is shown on the 2nd one in this window.
  5. A station built in another location works so far, while this one didn't work after rebuilding.
  6. I built a Sublimation Station and after some time it started saying Invalid Port Overlap, rebuilding it doesn't help.