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Interaction bug with thermo sensors (all types), as well as pressure sensors and hydro sensors.

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I just noticed this when I was working with a system that has a thermo liquid pipe sensor and a pressure sensor. When I changed the pressure of the pressure sensor and then clicked on my thermo liquid pipe sensor to check the temperature and set it, that when i hit the enter key after selecting its input box that it copied the value from my pressure sensor as the temperature that i wanted to set the thermo liquid sensor to.



Just found out that the bug activates when you click the below or above buttons as well and you have the input box ready for input (if you've recently entered a value into a sensor).


Steps to Reproduce

Create a pressure sensor and a liquid thermo sensor for the example (works with anything like this). Set the pressure sensor to 500 and then click on the liquid thermo sensor and click on its input box. Just hit enter (or select the input box and press the above or below buttons) and notice that it pastes the value from the previous sensor in the input box (to it's input maximum).

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User Feedback

Intressting. I had some weird situation where values of my Reactor Turbine cool Pipe Thermosensors jumped to 0°C. It might be related though i did not post a bug report because i can't be sure that it wasn't a mod. This started to happen after the update. (It almost overheated the Reactor because Turbines did not feed it water anymore due to overheating. It was a damn close call.)

I got another way. I set the Sensor then clicked between above and below and it jumped to another value it was set too before. This was recoverable to again set the value. After that it was not reproducable anymore. It happend to all Sensors that were affected.

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I have noticed this behavior also before the latest updates. It seems to "buffer" the latest test value en reapply it when selecting a different sensor and hit enter.

I also noticed that not hitting enter after entering a new value and selecting a different sensor and then re-select the first sensor the value doesn't seems to been set.

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