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Info card showing wrong info

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Info cards when you click on an element show incorrect info when you close the window and clicked on another element (first observed happening here)


Clicking from one element to the other, shows correct element info. Changing tabs between status-germs-properties in the info window, will show the correct info of the element. If you close the window two times while clicking on different elements, the game starts showing the information of the last element selected while you have selected a different one.


Sequence of clicks in the video below (LMB=left mouse button click, RMB=right mouse button click):
LMB[vacuum], RMB, LMB[vacuum], RMB, LMB[abyssalite-wrong info], LMB[abyssalite], RMB, LMB[abyssalite], RMB, LMB[vacuum-wrong info], LMB[vacuum], RMB

A more complicated sequence (I used vacuum to demonstrate because it's the easiest to distinguish in the info card but it can be done selecting any element)


Steps to Reproduce

Close an element's info window and then select another. The second element will show info from the last one selected.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I am having similar issues with cards displaying incorrect information or swapping that information.  On one of my rockets, it was showing the gas cargo capacity of a different rocket (the one selected had no cargo units even on it, or ever).  I've also run into issues with random stat swapping between cards I recently viewed.  I had a 10.8kg packet of oxygen swap with a packet of carbon dioxide I viewed next whereby the carbon dioxide became 10.8 kg instead (this was permanent and frustrating because it was in a new rocket).  The weirdest one I had was viewing a gas storage unit after looking at a gas bottle emptier.  It converted the entire contents of the gas container into the currently emptying gas bottle (making it ~150kg of oxygen).  The gas storage container was then empty without any duplicant or user interactions after.

Working to see if the mouse sequence above will recreate these issues too.

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