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Geysers broken

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The geysers look like they're working because of the animation, but no liquid, ice, or gas appears nearby - I checked this on a few different swamp biome maps and it holds true despite any exit/re-entry and reloading. They won't react to a duplicant analyzing it either, and the ones I've noticed were all naturally open (no digging required). So I'm not sure why they won't produce anything.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Enter Swamp Biome Map (any duplicants)

2. Watch geyser

3. Done.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

From what I can see checking out 3 different seeds the geysers appear to be working but do not produce anything.  I've been able to send someone over to analyze them but other than give me the usual extra information nothing else happens.  This was true for both the Swamp map's Cool Slush Geyser and the Cool Salty Slush Geyser.

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The first seed I tried, the geysers were working normally, possibly because I discovered one basically immediately.  On my current seed, I took a while to find them, and neither are working.

Edit: Check that. I pulled open my old seed and the geysers aren't working there. I would guess one of the updates in the last day is responsible.

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On 2020/11/20 at AM1点57分, Ipsquiggle said:



After testing, I have encountered this problem only in the ice field. The solution is to raise the temperature of the surrounding environment of the spring to erupt normally.

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I just had this happen with a brine geyser and managed to fix it by using a bottle emptier to pour some brine onto the geyser.


Perhaps dry geysers are unwilling to displace existing gasses to place their output?

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