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Game Freezes Playing At 3x Speed *Updated With Possible Solution!*

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I know my machine isn't the fastest, but playing with the Spaced Out DLC there's a lot of slowdown and at about 250+ days in the game will freeze just after loading a save after I press any command buttons. I know the DLC will demand more processing power, but I never had any of this happen using the base game going up to 1000 days. Everything ran very smooth without any slowdown. As of right now the only solution I have is to play Spaced Out at regular speed to not cause it to freeze.

Steps to Reproduce

- Load a save 250+ days in set to 3x speed.

- Select any command button.

- Game will freeze.

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User Feedback

I think I figured out the source for the game freeze and slow down in game performance. It has to do with Audio. I played around with my Audio settings turning off Music and Ambient sound and the game runs smooth like it did when playing the base game. I can go back to using 3x speed without a problem.

My guess is the game uses up too much processing power when it comes to keeping track of Ambient sound. I'll have to play with Music back on to confirm.

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On 8/12/2021 at 10:40 AM, EricKlei said:

Could you attach your save file so we could take a look? Thanks!

I played around with my settings after I discovered there was an option to turn off HD graphics and the game runs fine now. I didn't know ONI added this option with Spaced Out! until somebody mentioned it elsewhere. This thread can be closed.

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