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Full Refrigerator 0 kcal inside rockets

Ricardo F
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Well the title says it all...

Inside de rocket, full refrigerators don't count the 'available calories'. After reload the save, it counts again.

While I was reloading the save for the screenshot, one dupe came and filled the refrigerator, suddenly the kcal returned to 0 again.
After I clicked 'view outside' and inside again, the calories came back.





Steps to Reproduce
  • Build a rocket.
  • Put a refrigerator inside
  • Select some food
  • Take a look if it counts the calories

Rocky Bunker.sav

User Feedback

When the rocket is grounded (by the command capsule), the food in the fridge doesn't count towards the kcal displayed at the top of the screen since it is not available for duplicants. You can see that your rocket is grounded on both screenshots because of the "hand" symbols.

One of your dupe was probably carrying food to the fridge and dropped it on the floor in your rocket (grubfruit preserve) and that is why it shows some amount of food available in your second screenshot. It doesn't show the food in the fridge since your rocket is still grounded.

Consider using the new sensor to automate when your rocket is grounded or not!

I don't think what you are reporting is a bug, seems like normal behavior caused by unaccessible food in fridge due to the rocket being grounded.

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Oh you're right, I didn't know it wouldn't count when the rocket was grounded.
Thank you for you explanation/help

Should/can I delete this bug post or leave it?

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It's generally a good idea to leave bug reports visible for the benefit of others. I've marked it as closed though.

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