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  1. Green blot

    Same here. And it happened again. Kind of beautiful this time
  2. Green blot

    This weird green blot/blur showed up when I hit the materials overlay while I was looking if there was co2 in my base. It was gone after a save/load game though. I couldn't find the output_log.txt file
  3. Unreachable build near Pitcher

    Thanks for you comment, but I don't think that's the case. After I deconstruct the first insulated tile ( left -> right ) at the bottom, it became reachable.
  4. Building order near or after Pitcher Pump says unreachable, although there's nothing in the way. I've seen this bug sometimes It happened before with the save, the screenshot attached was taken just after a new game run/load. save_file.zip
  5. Game instantly crashes when rockets return.

    It's happenning with me too. Just the rocket is trying to land having onlythe command capsule. I think the dupe forgot the remaining parts at the planet