Dupes won't wash hands at Hand Sanitizer while wearing Oxygen Mask

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The title says it all but it seems dupes don't clean germs off their hands at the Hand Sanitizer while wearing Oxygen Masks. I haven't tested this with the Wash Basin or Sink but if it works properly with those, I assume this building was just overlooked when the masks were added to the game. If I had to guess, this has something to do with how normal exosuits act as a protective layer against germs, but oxygen mask don't, so the game thinks the dupe's "suit" (the mask) is germ-free and so they don't bother washing their hands while wearing the mask.

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This consistently happens whenever a dupe is wearing an oxygen mask, they ignore the hand sanitizer when running past regardless of how many germs are on their hands. Mask-less dupes would use the same hand sanitizers with no issue.

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Just to expand on this, I experience the same issue with Atmo Suits (this happened in my spaceship from the Latrine + Sanitizer combo). They won't use the sanitizer while on suit, but if you remove it, they will. I thought it wasn't an issue because it's pretty odd to use hand sanitizer if your body is covered in an astronaut suit (but then again it's also strange to use a latrine while in such a suit); but with the Oxygen Mask your hands are definitely exposed and should be washable.

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Expanding on the idea

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It's been a while since dupes stopped using wash basin  or sink while wearing a suit 
"Changes: Dupes can no longer sanitize a suit using a sink or wash basin." update 453222

I assume this also means they don't use sanitizer and all 4 current suits are affected: oxygen masks, atmo suits, lead suits, jet suits, probably because the "decontamination shower" was introduced

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