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Dupe diagonal teleportation

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One of my dupes started to move on diagonal paths in no time, in a result teleporting on short distances when there is plenty of diagonal pathing in a row.

See images below, both Hassan and Natalka were asked to go behind the liquid lock. After releasing the game, Hassan teleported behind the lock, then teleported back to work before I could press pause again, then managed to teleport again after I asked him to. In the that time, Natalka managed to go only few tiles.


Steps to Reproduce

Not sure what caused Hassan to teleport...

Before that, he was teleported there and back on another asteroid. Currently he is suffering several misfortunes, including: Minor Irritation, Food Poisoning, High Stress (80%), Hungry, Lucky Lungs, Chilly Surroundings, Hypothermia, Soggy Feet and Holding Breath. No, he didn't enjoy his trip on another asteroid...

Adding save file to help bug navigation

User Feedback

On 12/1/2020 at 4:16 PM, Von Kartoffen said:

I got this one too.

It happened just after my duplicant teleported back to my main cluster.

Can confirm, happens only to the one who got teleported. He also skips all the jumping animations when moving between ladders/platforms/poles.

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