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  1. Each time i log into a world where an anchor was dropped, the anchor will be raise, even if i didn't touch it.
  2. It's not possible for me to repair a boat, with any kind of wood, twig, board... And i want to specify that i'm alone in this world.
  3. Unfortunate Screecaps

    First time i post here. So, first, we have the most pragmatic rancher of all time :
  4. The health indicator of the boat mysteriously disappear after joining a server when you were previously on the boat.
  5. Sometimes, some structures (chest in my case) that we build on a boat just stay in place, in the middle on the sea, and don't "follow" the boat.
  6. Strange ending

    First, you have to know that what you will read is about the end of the adventure mod, so if you don't want to spoil yourself, just don't read. Okay, so i finally came to the nightmare throne at the end of the advenure mod. Maxwel was on it, nothing supernatural for he moment. Then, i decided to place a fire pit, to cook a mandrake i found in the previous chapter (my character slept a day) and to eat it. But when my character woke up, the two maxwell's lights near the throne were extinguished, so i was on complete darkness.Hopeffuly, i had a miner hat, so i didn't die due to Charlie. I have never seen that before, and the wiki didn't tell me more. Aren't they supposed to always be lit near a player ? So i continue, and take pity of Maxwell. The shadow hands grab my character, he disappear into the ground, and suddenly a lightning strikes one of the Maxwell's light, and lights it up. Did someone has the same strange situation ?
  7. It is longer than 200s, because even if my space scanners detect something, my bunker doors are not even closed at half when meteors come, and they can detect things 167s to 200s before it come.
  8. Yeah, maybe that the wiki is outdated. I made some tests, and this is not an error with my space scanners, because meteors come in time. And my bunker doors are already openned, so this is not a problem of closing-while-it's-openning. And there, a picture of my installation for Squeegee.
  9. Well, I have 5 space scanners, and each one has 100% of efficiency in scan quality, what give me 83% of efficiency in scan network quality. The game tells me that they will detect incoming objects 167s to 200s before they arrive. They're linked to my bunker doors, which cover all the area of my asteroid. These doors are not connected to any power grid, only to an automation grid. The wiki says that bunker doors's closing time is about 150s without any power. https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Bunker_Door But, in reality, my bunker doors are only closed to half when meteors come, and so everything below is destroyed. So there is my question : Is it a bug, or an error in the wiki, or something that i'm not understanding ?