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  1. Unfortunate Screencaps

    Some pictures of poor trapped critters... None of these traps were intentional. They all stupidly trapped themselves.
  2. Unfortunate Screencaps

    Cycle 50, i desesperatly need a duplicant with at least an interest in farming. Everything is up : hydroponic farms, blossom seeds, insulated pipes, tank full of fresh water... Just need a farmer. And then, the portal give THIS : Yep, that Nikola, with the +7 in farming, the diver's lungs and the Allergic traits. ... PERFECT !! And... It's funny to see how picking a not pretty adapted character put some challenges. With this, i had to make a separate bedroom, build exosuit dock, ask my medic to produce some pills just the time to put everything in place... An interessant challenge !
  3. Unfortunate Screencaps

    No screenshots of our amazing duplicants this one. But, today, in the beta branch, the world generation gave us some funny situations. Say welcome to the most useful leaky oil fissure ! And no, i'm not able to build any oil well... I guess i'll have to rely on the printing pod !
  4. Unfortunate Screencaps

    We already have the pragmatic rancher, the telekinetic miner, but now it is the flying engineer ! Or maybe he is juste walking on his name.
  5. Unfortunate Screencaps

    Next, we have our amazing Max the miner. As for example, he can mine without any tool ! And a small bonus, the back of the pragmatic rancher :
  6. Each time i log into a world where an anchor was dropped, the anchor will be raise, even if i didn't touch it.
  7. It's not possible for me to repair a boat, with any kind of wood, twig, board... And i want to specify that i'm alone in this world.
  8. Unfortunate Screencaps

    First time i post here. So, first, we have the most pragmatic rancher of all time :
  9. The health indicator of the boat mysteriously disappear after joining a server when you were previously on the boat.
  10. Sometimes, some structures (chest in my case) that we build on a boat just stay in place, in the middle on the sea, and don't "follow" the boat.