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wrong condensation point for oxygen

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I just install a condensation room to make liquid oxygen.

But despite the gas has reached the condensation point indicated in the status, it don't to liquify. :(


I've checked all the bottom tiles, the oxygen in each is below -183 °C.

Only the panels of the second line are not below, but not far.


Even it not stay liquid, the oxygen should show some condensation. ;)


It becames liquid around -186 °C




Steps to Reproduce
cool down gaseous oxygen between -183 °C and -186 °C

User Feedback

This behavior is intended. Every transition happens at +3°C or -3°C depending on the transition.

It is like this to avoid at maximum the state where an element would turn to liquid then instantly turn to gas then to liquid and like this forever because of micro temperature changes.

It would be nice it could be said in the game or something though.

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In real life, materials stay at the same temperature while they change phase, just absorbing heat. You can turn 0-degree water into 100-degree water with a lot less energy than it takes to turn 100-degree water into 100-degree steam. (This is actually how rice cookers work; they keep pumping energy in until they detect they've gotten to 105 degrees, at which point they conclude that all the water must be gone.)

You can think of this behavior as kind of a simplified version of the real thing. If you heat water, it turns into 103 degree water and then into 103 degree steam. If you want to turn that steam back into water, you have to turn it into 97 degree steam, and then it turns into 97 degree water.

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As said, it would be better if we have the real temperature needed, in the database and information panel. ;)

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